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 Canaccord Genuity Corp.

We provide our clients with a full suite of wealth management services for a single asset-based fee


We can provide portfolio management support that ranges from individual security selection to comprehensive, diversified and customized managed portfolios.




You benefit from:

Multiple strategies and tactics coordinated to achieve your goals

Asset allocation that incorporates traditional and alternative asset classes

Focus on wealth planning that aligns your investments with your overall financial objectives

Transparent fees - our compensation is tied to your portfolio’s overall performance


We work with investors with a minimum household portfolio size of $150,000.

We also partner with a select group of clients who do not yet meet this minimum account threshold but are working towards it, please contact us to learn more. 


Our fee structure is based on the level of assets under management:


$150,000 > $500,000 1.75%
$500,000 > $1 million  1.45%
$1 million > $5 million 1% 
 > $5 million Negotiable





Understanding the Fees You Pay 


At a very basic level, investors pay for the financial planning and advice we provide. Our financial plans are tailored to take into account your particular goals and risk tolerance and we are here to help you adapt as situations change through different stages of life or when the marketplace changes.


Good investment advice helps to keep you on track towards meeting your goals. We have a team of qualified experts focused on managing your wealth and we strive to deliver a very high standard of advice and service. Our advice is complemented by a wide range of research and information services, as well as simplified and consolidated reporting.


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