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Have you considered the benefits of downsizing?


Rental income and covered lifestyle needs are two benefits of a tax efficient portfolio that can come with downsizing.

With the robust rise in real estate prices in recent years, your house likely represents a significant part  of your net worth. Downsizing is an opportunity to unlock the equity in your home. 
The Benefits of Downsizing 
  • Realize the value in your home
  • Eliminate debt
  • Fund your retirement
  • Reduce house related expenses
  • Spend more on enjoying life 
How we can help
By unlocking the value in your home we can create a tax efficient portfolio to fund your lifestyle needs, retirement and contribute to your family legacy. 
We know this is a major change. We'll work closely with realtors and other professionals to ensure the transition to your new home is as smooth as possible. 
We'll manage your plan and regularly review it to ensure you have the funds to make the most of your retirement. Our goal is to help you achieve the peace of mind, that is - knowing you are taken care of - one of the greatest rewards for your later years.
We'd love to help you get the most of your downsize. After a quick phone consultation about your personal scenario we can put together a custom downsizing plan based on the estimated net proceeds of your home. 
Interested in a free consultation and custom downsizing plan?