We believe in a detailed discovery process - understanding your current situation, identifying your goals and objectives, and developing your personalized road map for the future is our priority.


Step 1: Introductory Call

We’ll have a casual conversation to learn more about what you want to achieve -- and to give you a chance to ask questions, get answers, and walk away with the details you need before making any decisions.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

We will guide you through a broad discussion focused on your values, responsibilities, interests, overall assets, financial needs and desired investment outcomes. This allows us to personalize all available strategies and services to your unique objectives.

Step 3: Investment Plan Meeting

Using all the details in your Client Profile, we will work with you to construct a proactively managed and nimble Investment Plan. Your plan will contain specific and measurable milestones to keep you on the right financial course towards your goals including wealth and estate planning, retirement planning and tax-efficient solutions. Once we have come to a mutual agreement on your Investment Plan, it will be put into action. If needed, I will engage a network of wealth and estate planning specialists* to implement specific financial planning strategies.

Step 4: Regular Progress Meetings

We will establish the frequency of Progress Meetings to review your investment portfolio and discuss any updates to your Client Profile or changes to your circumstances. If any of your investments are not moving you towards your goals, we may recommend suitable alternatives.We will monitor and review your personal strategy on a regular basis through scheduled reviews. 

*Services provided by Canaccord Genuity Wealth & Estate Planning Services Ltd.

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