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  Integrated Wealth Planning 

A well-integrated wealth management plan incorporates tax, estate, investment, philanthropic, and risk management planning. 


Your plan acts as a roadmap to achieve your lifestyle goals. This financial roadmap will help you set, or redefine a reasonable lifestyle expectation as your life changes to make sure your goals are always in reach. Building a plan is key to your financial success because it provides the details and directions to build and preserve your wealth.




 Personalized Investment Solutions

We offer comprehensive wealth management services to business owners, accredited investors and their families. Whether you’re planning for retirement, your child’s education fund, the succession of your business and other assets, or any other life goal, the right investments are key to achieving your desired outcomes.


We draw on our industry knowledge and expertise – backed with exceptional service and dedication to consistency. We monitor investment progress and gauge the path of advancement of the financial plan using an independent and flexible “Go Anywhere” strategy.




 Qualified Financial Specialists 

We are specialists in many areas of wealth management, and when our clients have a specific need, we leverage the strengths of our talent at Canaccord Genuity.


We use the same approach to identify hedge funds, private placements, initial public offerings (IPO’S) and secondary prospectus issues to give a performance advantage to investors who can accept a higher level of risk.  





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